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Net::SNMP::Cpq - Perl module interface to Compaq Insight Agents using SNMP

Net::SNMP::Cpq provides access to the system management information collected by the vendor supplied SNMP agents on Compaq servers, aka Compaq Insight Agents. These agents use a range of special MIBs, which extend the functionality provided in standard MIBs, for example RFC 1213.

Net::SNMP::Cpq provides methods for querying these agents using the SNMP protocol, thereby making it possible to use the hardware management information from these agents within perl scripts. Although the methods provided by the module are primarily aligned with the structure of the MIBs provided by Compaq, you may notice that some of the functionality is pretty close the the functionality provided by the Compaq console application Insight Manager. See the examples section for reference.

Special attention is given to providing an easy to use access without having to deal with specifics of the underlying MIB structures.

A user of this module will be able to query any Compaq server which is running the appropriate hardware agent simply by providing IP address and SNMP connection details. This module uses the Net::SNMP module for establishing a SNMP session with and retrieving information from the agent at the target server. Currently, only blocking SNMP requests are used.

Example queries include the agent event log, processors, memory, processor utilization, file system space used and so forth.

Each method is provided in two flavors, one returning a complex data structure (mostly HoH), and one returning a report formatted as a string. The first can be used to further process the data, the second can be used for quick and dirty reporting without having to deal with the query structure in detail.

This module should be considered in the "BETA" stage. Use at your own risk.

Project News

0.11 released
    smerunka - 2001-11-28 04:45   -   Perl Module Net::SNMP::Cpq
this one is a maintenance release with only minor modifications in the documentation.
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BETA: 0.10 released
    smerunka - 2001-11-07 03:47   -   Perl Module Net::SNMP::Cpq
it has been such a long time. I tested the module during this summer. Now I feel ready to release it as BETA, after all the testing. No more feature updates right now.

if you need some features or want to report a bug, make yourself heard.
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Yes, this project is alive! (I am back from vacation..
    smerunka - 2001-06-25 04:11   -   Perl Module Net::SNMP::Cpq
..and getting back to working on this project of course
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version 0.08 released, nearing beta status based on feedback
    smerunka - 2001-06-01 07:15   -   Perl Module Net::SNMP::Cpq
fixed a number of minor bugs,
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